TUM Wissenschaftliche Arbeit und Forschung auf höchstem Niveau
Foto: Andreas Heddergott/TUM

Mandatory Elements

Within the framework of the TUM Graduate School(link is external), the Medical Graduate Center generates uniform and binding standards in the doctoral education, and offers a doctoral qualification program that consists of subject-related and interdisciplinary elements.
The qualification program ensures that TUM School of Medicine doctoral programs have a consistently high quality. Doctoral candidates are supported in their professional life, as well as in the increasingly important soft skills.
The qualification program designed by TUM-GS and MGC/TUM School of Medicine comprises the following mandatory elements:

All subject-related courses must be related to the topic of the dissertation and should be attended over the entire duration of the doctoral project. The subject-specific courses are neither offered by the School specifically for this program nor listed centrally – they must be arranged independently by the doctoral candidate and their supervisors, and submitted to the MGC for approval. The subject-specific courses are neither offered by the School specifically for this program nor is there a list of all courses on offer.

If you have questions concerning the recognition of courses, please contact (link sends e-mail)us with the exact information about the course (program, flyer, etc.). 

Some course types that are commonly recognized:

  • Summer-/winter schools,
  • Method courses, workshops (e.g. EMBO courses, satellite workshops, Felasa-B)
  • lab courses, Doctoral seminars, lab-meetings, journal clubs*
  • From Summer 2020 we accept conferences, symposia and similar events as subject-related courses:
    • up to max. 2 SWS (21 hours) per candidate per doctoral degree
    • they have to be closely related to the topic of the dissertation
    • the first supervisor has to confirm that the conference was relevant for the candidate

We approve online events, too, if they have an interactive character, i.e. where a live exchange between speaker and participant(s) is given.

Not accreditable as subject-related courses:

  • internships
  • Offers of virtual universities, webinars, or similar without interactive character (see above)
  • soft skill courses (may be credited as transferable skills training)

*Confirmation by running sheet, including the name, date, place, times, topic and signature of the supervisor/organizer