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October 15th - November 15th 2021.

Available projects for external candidates

Vacant PhD positions for external candidates applying for Summer term 2022 are available in the research groups listed in the table below. Details on the research carried out in each group can be found here.

External candidates can give their preference also to groups not listed in the table. However, we cannot guarantee that groups other than those listed below will be able to accept external candidates. It is therefore advisable to contact the preferred research groups directly, prior to submitting the application.

Name Research Area
Buchholz, Veit Infection/Immunology
Busch, Dirk Infection/Immunology
Knolle, Percy Immunology/Oncology
Kupatt Jeremias, Christian Cardiovascular
Moretti, Alessandra Cardiovascular
Mühlau, Mark Neurology
Nawroth, Roman Oncology/Urology
Ruland, Jürgen Molecular Medicine
Saur, Dieter Molecular Medicine/Oncology
Schmidt-Supprian, Marc Oncology