• Every doctoral candidate that registered their project after 2017 has to take the Good Scientific Practice course, preferably in the first six months after starting the project work. We have just added new dates (in German and English) for the upcoming semester, so you can see and book the dates if they fit your schedule.

  • All TUM members are cordially invited to join in on a range of events – especially many TUM women. The motto this year is “Career Paths of Strong TUM Women” and includes meeting women who carved their very own path at and through TUM, visit their workspaces, listen to them on the evening panel and feel strengthened, inspired and connected.

  • ENCODS is a 2-day conference (a satellite event of the Federation of European Neuroscience Societies - FENS) for master and doctoral students in neuroscience organized by doctoral students and supported by FENS.

  • Expression of the multi-functional protein TIMP-1, which can act as a protease-inhibitor as well as a cytokine, positively correlates with progression of virtually all immune-associated diseases, including inflammation and cancer. At Krüger Lab they have discovered that TIMP-1 expression determines sex-disparities in liver metastasis and survival in pancreatic cancer (Hermann et al. J Exp Med 218:e20210911, 2021).

  • Soapbox Science is a novel public outreach platform for promoting women* scientists and the science they do. The aim of Soapbox Science is to inspire people to become science enthusiasts and to solidify the image of women* as scientists.  The application deadline is February 28th.