TUM Wissenschaftliche Arbeit und Forschung auf höchstem Niveau
Photo: Astrid Eckert/TUM

Steps After Defense

  1. Please correct your thesis regarding the reviewers’ proposal and send it back as a pdf file to our office. After that, wait for a positive answer before printing it out and uploading it on the webpage of the TUM library!
  2. All your documents will be send to our Promotionsamt for preparing the final degree certificate.
  3. Completed cover page (as well as possible) is to be send to Mrs Reisenauer at:
    Phone no.: 089-289-25139
    Fax no.: 089-289-22330
    Email: reisenauer@zv.tum.de
    Consulation hours Mon – Thu 8.30– 11.30 a.m. (Please check upfront what are the current consultation hours, as these can vary due to the current situation.)
  4. You will get back the final version of the corrected cover page via email or per Fax.
  5. Publishing the dissertation through the TUM library:
    You will receive an email from the library which will consists of the link for uploading the final version of your thesis on the online workflow. Please do that only after receiving a positive answer from our office about all made corrections and with the approved cover page from Mrs Reisenauer!
  6. Once you have uploaded the thesis, you will receive one more email from the library, as well as the following documents which you have to fill in, sign and send back to the library:
    a. Autorenvertrag
    • Sperrfristantrag (only if a holdback period is necessary)
    • a copy of the final cover page approved by Mrs Reisenauer
  7. Please also visit the following page for more details:
  8. Please submit in our office the following documents:
    • PDF file of the final thesis with approved cover page
    • the "Bestätigung der Veröffentlichung der Arbeit" you will get from the university library
    • a copy of the final cover page approved by Ms. Reisenauer